Gemstone Capital is your partner in value creation, no matter if you are an IPO candidate or a client with a desire to buy or sell strategic assets. We differ in our level of expertise across the areas of tech-industry knowledge, strategic understanding and sheer transaction experience.

Gemstone Capital delivers a combination of competence and capital as required case by case. We act as dedicated coaches and as project-leaders, driving and coordinating the progress towards transactions.

Whether or not we invest, we will always act with a “my money mind-set”. This means that we are fully on board as partners to our clients and we have the stamina to say no or to advice against a transaction or a decision if indeed we would have done the same if we were investors or owners.

Our clients face high calibre opportunities with a humble, yet ambitious mind-set. Gemstone Capital engages, when we believe in the short and long-term sustainability of the business case at hand (potential, pricing/valuation, ability to execute, etc.) and provided we can deliver quality solutions.

Gemstone Capital’s aspiration is to play an active role in creation of global niche-market leaders by delivering a unique cocktail of strategic advice, capital and transaction excellence.