Our vision

is to benefit all stakeholders as well as society by transforming local ‘Gemstone’ Companies into long term leaders of their market niche.
is to create compelling and consistent value and returns by matching true potential with investors and other resources needed.
Gemstone Capital was chosen as a clear reference to the type of clients we aim to serve: Unique companies, hard to find, yet rewarding if handled with care, competence and commitment. The goal is to create great companies, that carry substantial long term value. Just like a Gemstone.

Our Inspiration

The Sea-eagle symbolizes the clients that Gemstone Capital aims to serve and support in their pursuit of market leadership.
Denmark’s white-tailed Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) is North Europe’s largest bird of prey with its impressive wingspan of up to 2.45m. The bird was eradicated in Denmark about 100 years ago and returned only 20 years ago.