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Gemstone Capital is in effect a Corporate Finance boutique, with a special focus upon the micro-cap IPO opportunity that many great Danish tech companies [Gemstones] have been deprived of. The focus is upon building more of the large companies that will form the future, provided that they make it to a clear niche market leadership position.

The Gemstone Capital Partners understand the importance of being able to serve its clients with what best high quality, individual solutions. Hence the range of services offered by Gemstone includes classic M&A (acquisition and exit) advisory services, strategic advisory as well as pre-IPO fundraising.


The Gemstone Capital Partners pride themselves with their experience as strategic advisors to their clients. This includes – but is not limited to – strategic pre-transaction advise on how to get to the best possible transaction, no matter if the task at hand is an exciting IPO journey, one or more strategic acquisitions or indeed an exit process that must be handled on basis of deep strategic understanding of the business and the market place in question.

The Gemstone Capital Partners in combination, offer a unique pool of experience and track record designed to assist its clients on a long term value creation journey. They know a potential winner when they see one and have identified and structured all the steps ahead towards successful conclusion on basis of significant prior experience.


Gemstone Capital is not a Certified IPO Broker. Hence it can act as independent advisor and/or choose to invest in client companies and recommend other investors to come along if this is in the interest of all parties. Gemstone Capital will always, pro-actively, declare its interest in any case in order to avoid any room for misunderstandings.


Gemstone Capital is a new entity with lots of fresh energy and ambitious plans to create a Nordic beacon in its field. At the same time the Gemstone Capital Partners have been at it for years, making Gemstone Capital a well-established player from day one with a remarkable track record, a strong pipeline, project portfolio and a full blown organisation, prone to grow further with the business at hand.