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Why Invest in Realfiction?

Founded in Denmark in 2008, Realfiction is a leading innovator and provider of Mixed Reality solutions and services, a market estimated to reach USD 80 billion by 2025.

Realfiction continues to invent technologies within Mixed Reality, with an intention to disrupt the industry by pursuing the vision of converting science fiction into real fiction.
Realfiction Holding AB’s share is publicly traded on Nasdaq Stockholm First North under the symbol “REALFI”.

Price per Share: 10SEK (7DKK) corresponding to 116mSEK (82mDKK) in valuation

Total issue: 17,5mSEK (12,4mDKK) of which 11,5SEK (8,1mDKK) or 66% is pre-subscribed.

Subscription Period: By May 10, 2019

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Comments by the CEO

OUR DNA: The Realfiction DNA is to develop and commercialize immersive display technologies and to create long-lasting appeal and relevance. We have done this consistently since the launch of our first products more than 10 years ago and since then we have sold more than 10.000 displays to customers and partners around the globe including many of the largest brands of the world. This development has only accelerated since our IPO in the summer of 2017.

STRONGER TEAM: Let me start with our world class team. We have been joined by more talent in sales, content development and at the management level, including our CFO and COO adding power to strategies, planning and execution. Last but not least, our innovation team has been strengthened by an immensely talented key-person, enforcing our extremely interesting “Project Echo”.

GROWTH: Revenue grew by 46% in 2018 compared to 2017. During 2018, we successfully launched our “Magic-as-a-Service” (MaaS) business model, combining our display technologies with our 3D-content creation skills into one effective service model. We also established the world’s first Mixed Reality Media Channel for retailers. This has become a turning point for us. We have had very successful end-customer feed-back, quoting as much as a doubling of end-product sales. The positive development has continued into Q1-19 and we have now seen 4 quarters in a row with improved gross profit margin and our pipeline continues to grow. This leaves our Sales Activities (as defined in our teaser) on track for a positive cash flow on a monthly basis by the end of 2019.

100 MDKK WITH MAAS: With proof that MaaS works, we announced our “STEP-UP-19” strategy in Q4-18 along with the goal to reach a revenue runrate of 100 million DKK per year within 2-3 years. We also announced our intention to raise more capital to make this possible. We are doing that now and about half of the capital will be invested in international acceleration of Magic-as-a-Service.

100 mUSD with Echo: Another major part of our STEP-UP-19 strategy is “Project Echo” that has the potential to grow well beyond Realfiction, as we know it today. Imagine flatscreen surfaces in different sizes, from handhelds to entire walls, that make 3-dimentional images stand out and allow people to move around virtual objects from different angles. Imagine the visual effects from sci-fi movies and TV-series, now in real life and without glasses, where multiple people stand around a table and interact with a 360-degree digital hologram interface. The possibilities of the new technology are so versatile across a large range of verticals and user scenarios and the impact will be so groundbreaking if we succeed, that the industry giants will be unable to ignore the advantage they could gain by securing the rights to use it in their particular industries.

We have patented this technology and established a number of strategic development partnerships. And now the next step will be to reach the proof of concept due later this year, which will open the gates to commercial deployment and partnerships. It goes without saying that the other half of the proceeds from the current issue will be invested in Project Echo, which we believe is a 100 mUSD revenue opportunity.
We create magical moments through technology and you are cordially invited.