Why Invest in MenuPay?

Gemstone advised STENOCARE in its IPO process and is proud to report that the subscription turned out in excess of everybody’s expectation.

Below, this page will give you’re an overview of and access to relevant news, information and insights. The medical cannabis market is in its infancy, especially in Europe and STENOCARE is the first IPO within medical cannabis in Europe.

Public Issue Information

Price per Share8.80DKK

Total issue: 18,594,400DKK (approximately 26,026,582mSEK).

Subscription Period: 24 September to 9 October 2019

Already a shareholder: 1,2 subscription rights for each 1 shares held (6 rights for 5 shares). Subscribe based upon letter from own bank.

Stock Exchange: Publically traded at Spotlight Stockmarket under the symbol [MENU B].

MenuPay Media

Investor Presentations:

Parken, Copenhagen – 29/04/2019
In Danish, with English subtitles and Danish slides

Sheraton, Stockholm – 03/06/2019
In English, no subtitles, Swedish slides

Hotel Skt Petri, Copenhagen 06/06/2019
General presentation and Q&A about how to subscribe (in Danish, no subtitles)


Ophelia Invest Inverview
w/ Kim Lykke Sommer (Danish with English subtitles)

Kim Lykke Sommer – CEO
Explains the concept, potential, investment-case (Danish with English subtitles)

Sammy Shafi – Owner of Kokkeriet
Explains the benefits, ease of use and valuable adoption of technology, a win-win (Danish with English subtitles)

Nikolai Kronborg – Investor
Explains why he has invested and also why he is also a pre-subscriber in the current issue (Danish with English subtitles)

General Videos:

Ambience video 
From 29/04/2019 event

General referral video
w/ quotes from corporate partners (Danish with Danish subtitles)

MenuPay News

Want a Bonus?

If you buy 1.000 shares or more in the current issue and sign up for our MenuPay digital news-service, will get the right to use the MenuPay service (normally reserved for corporate membership) and will receive a 100DKK bonus that can be used at any MenuPay venue for 6 months.


Read more comments by the CEO HERE