Gemstone Capital offers a rare access point to qualified IPO candidates within the tech sector. Typical investors are angels/private investors looking for real return with managed risk:


Carefully selected and prepared investment cases with reasonable valuation.


The criteria and goal is that any IPO newcomer shall have a realistic potential to deliver an attractive return to its shareholders over the first 12 months.


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Gemstone Capital will always facilitate direct contact and presentations performed by management of the companies in question.


Gemstone Capital offers a range of investment opportunities with high, yet varying degrees of risk, ranging from Private Placements prior to an IPO (highest risk), Pre-IPO bridge funding as well as IPO subscription, before, during and after the first day of trading. Generally, Gemstone capital aims to manage the risk in each case by optimizing the chances of a successful IPO.
“The micro-cap IPO market is a vibrant and growing market in Sweden with more than 100.000 active private investors and more than 300 actively trading listed companies. We invite more Danish investors to join this market by investing in new Danish IPO candidates, identified and qualified by Gemstone Capital”.


Søren Jonas Bruun

Managing Partner
Gemstone Capital