While Gemstone Capital is engaged by the Company as its advisor, it is made clear from the very beginning that it is in everybody’s interest to secure the best possible equity story.

From the investors perspective, this is a question about value for money.

Gemstone Capital’s role, therefore is to:

  1. Pick quality companies. See the IPO test to explore our selection criteria.

  2. Develop the best IPO strategy for the company in question (timing, amount, steps, etc.)

  3. Agree to a realistic valuation that leaves room for positive development after the IPO.

  4. Prepare the qualified candidates for the IPO process, including a strong plan/presentation.

  5. Assist the candidate companies with potential Pre-IPO funding as well as presentation to investors in preparation for the IPO itself.

While there will always be risk of failure, Gemstone Capital will always endeavour to present the members of its investor network with unique investment opportunities. The keys are

  • an ability to say no if the case-quality or realistic valuation mindset is not there.
  • a long term approach, where the existing team and shareholders show the way.