In many ways, going public is about taking a large step forward. Being public you have much greater access to resources, not only capital (investors), but also all other important categories of resources to whom you become a more visible and credible partner. This includes employees, business partners, vendors and yes, customers.

As a public company, living up to – or even exceeding – expectations is all that matters. This means that you must rise to the challenge of growing, maturing the company. Are you ready ?


 “It’s not possible
and the risk is too big”

 “We are not ready, not big enough, not exciting enough”

“Being and becoming listed is too burdensome/ expensive.”


More often than not, with the right support, an IPO is a real and attractive option.

An IPO means access to funding before, under and after the IPO - in a few months and without loss of control.

Gemstone Capital is platform agnostic, and always recommends the best possible location and exchange.

In Sweden more than 100 micro-cap companies go public each year.