The NABC model (Need, Approach, Benefits, Competition) originally developed by Stanford Research Institute in California (SRI) is renown for its ability to simplify the otherwise complex questions about the relevance of any business. Gemstone Capital works with its clients to clarify its NABC in order to identify the strategic edge of the business. This strategic understanding of the unique value of the business then forms the basis on which Gemstone Capital acts as value added advisor in pursuit of the best possible transaction.

Taking its own medicine, this is the NABC representing Gemstone Capital as qualified advisor:

Tech businesses that want to transact strategic assets:

  • Sell

  • Merge

  • Buy

Boutique Corporate Finance services.

Specialized industry and tech-savvy approach to transactions.

Realization or creation of more strategic value
Most Corporate Finance advisors are transaction experts, not industry or strategy experts.