Sell Side

We know that selling your company is a matter of ultimate importance. 
Our M&A team is dedicated to selling technology companies, based upon their strategic value, to the best possible buyer when the time is right. We take full responsibility for the process, and, if required, we involve and compensate external experts to increase the chance of success and reduce the anticipated time to completion.

In our experience, most mandates are best executed by adding Exit Consulting Services, such as initial mapping of options, establishment of a realistic time-frame and valuation as well as identification of important strategic or operational actions that may improve the value, timing or chance of success. Even with clients, whose company is immediately sellable we offer to go beyond “classic” Corporate Finance. We understand, create, present and negotiate the strategic value to chosen strategic buyers in relevant sectors.

In any transaction, performance multiples play an important role in defining the realistic price-range. However, more often than not, we have experienced that the value to the right buyer is also driven by the revenue or cost saving potential – of the technology/business in question as well as the sheer potential related to key people already involved in the company for sale.

1CT, [now Gemstone Capital, red.] was competent and efficient right from the initial research phase through to the conduction of due diligence and final negotiations. Together, we developed a strategy and followed it all the way to the successful sale of our company”.


Frank Mortensen,

CEO and owner of A Gain A/S