Selling or buying a business is much more than a transaction.

Strategic M&A is about understanding market dynamics, uncovering strategic value, and ultimately making sure that net value is created.

We have advised on a double-digit number of transactions for clients in Northern Europe.

Client Highlight – EG

“In 2007, I engaged Gemstone Capital as EG’s external advisor and resource in relation to acquisitions.Together, we have defined and adjusted our acquisition criteria. Their creativity and dedication is what makes the deals happen.”
Leif Vestergaard, CEO of EG (2004 – 2016)


We have extensive experience in the entire process from crafting the acquisition strategy and related success criteria, to deep market scans and qualification of targets, initiation of dialogue, all the way to negotiation and completion of a transaction, and assistance with post-acquisition integration if required.


With us, clients have a loyal partner with seniority.

Case Study: In partnership with a leading PE fund, Gemstone is building a Nordic leader within vertical software, leveraging strategic M&A as a tool for success.



Every transaction is unique and precious. Legacies change hands. Sellers are rewarded for their hard work
and the right Buyer is eager to scale the business further.


When the process is handled correctly, it is a clear win-win.
Let us help make you a winner – no matter which side you are on.

Client Highlight – A Gain

“Gemstone Capita was competent and efficient. Together, we developed a strategy and followed it all the way to the successful sale of our company.

– Frank Mortensen, CEO and owner of A Gain A/S


Whether selling your business is a desire that has grown over time or if it is an option that has emerged out of the blue, the need for a qualified advisor that understands you and your business and that can represent you in the process is critical.

The best transactions happen when the long-term value to the buyer is maximized. It is about understanding the value drivers in the business of each category of buyers including where, to whom, and how your business is worth most to a particular buyer.

This may lead to adjustments in your business, ahead of the transaction itself, to get ready for a strategic sale while building the international (often global) buyer landscape with both industrial and financial buyers as relevant.

Developing and executing the plan of getting to the best buyer is intense and highly valuable. We act as your trusted and committed advisor all the way.

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Reach out to Peter Max  and we will be happy to explain
and share examples of how we have guided our clients to success.