Meet Realfiction:

New Strategy & New Technology

Webinar, 27st of November at 5pm (Danish Time)
Learn more about the company’s new STEP-UP-2019 strategy which will generate additional growth in its existing operations and receive information about and visualization of a new ground-breaking holographic technology that is under development.
As an introduction to the webinar, Realfiction has launched a short “Visions” film, where the company Realfiction as well as its ambitious visions are put into words. You can view the film HERE.


  • The webinar moderator Jeppe Pedersen, Nordnet, welcomes everyone.
  • Realfiction’s CEO, Clas Dyrholm, presents the STEP-UP-19 strategy and the company’s new technology.
  • Questions and answers (Please submit questions by email in advance HERE (

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About Realfiction & the content of the Webinar

STEP-UP-2019: Realfiction will be a leading innovator in the development of Mixed Reality within retail as well as the experience industry, and the company has firmed up its strategy that will expand the company’s operations significantly. With Magic-as-a-Service as business model, Realfiction will gradually convert from being a hardware business to become the world’s first Mixed Reality media channel with its own platform. In addition to this, the company continues to see potential in international sales of projects related to the company’s larger products DeepFrame and Diamond.

New technology: Mixed Reality (including the earlier versions Virtual and Augmented Reality) is a hotspot for investors who have invested billions of dollars in a number of start-ups from almost all the major players, including Google, Microsoft and Sony. These investments have gone into development of head mounted technologies/glasses. Realfiction believes that this type of technology is only a first, immature step on the way towards meaningful integration of holographic effects into the everyday life of users. Realfiction’s new technology will create digital effects in open space without the need of any glasses or lenses between the eye and the hologram, which makes it possible for a group of people to experience and use the technology at the same time in a dynamic and social way.

“Our estimation is that the current first-generation technology with glasses will be replaced by technologies without glasses in many contexts, as these are an obstacle for the natural social interaction between people. We therefore see a future for Mixed Reality with holographic experiences without any glasses or other lenses between the eye and the hologram. Our new, upcoming technology will create holographic, living images and effects in open space without the need for glasses and in a way that makes it possible to experience and use the technology together with other people. In other words, magic in open space with the possibility of social interaction. There is great potential for the technology in the consumer market, including the gaming industry (B2C), and in a number of professional markets (B2B)”, says Realfiction’s CEO Clas Dyrholm.

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