We work as an M&A partner to deliver long-term value through strategic M&A decisions.

By understanding the details of our client’s business, we can leverage M&A to its fullest.

Client Spotlight – A Gain

“Gemstone Capita was competent and efficient. Together, we developed a strategy and followed it all the way to the successful sale of our company.

– Frank Mortensen, CEO and owner of A Gain A/S


We know businesses.


M&A is a sensitive and personal subject, and we work closely with clients to determine the ideal path forward.

In partnership with a leading PE fund, Gemstone is building a Nordic leader within vertical software, leveraging strategic M&A as a tool for success. Our team has extensive experience from dozens of successful transactions in Northern Europe and the US.


With us, clients have a true and loyal partner.



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It’s more than just a trade.


Finding the right Buyer or Seller for the transaction is critical. We leverage our broad network and deep understanding of industries to ensure that
clients can find the right match for the transaction, be it domestic or abroad.


We leverage our network for the client’s success.

Client Spotlight – EG

“In 2007, I engaged Gemstone Capital as EG’s external advisor and resource in relation to acquisitions.Together, we have defined and adjusted our acquisition criteria. Their creativity and dedication is what makes the deals happen.”
Leif Vestergaard, CEO of EG (2004 – 2016)


Every transaction is unique.

Transactions are more than a number. Legacies are changing hands, with the Seller rewarded for their hard work and the Buyer eager to scale the business further.

When the process is handled correctly, it is a win-win.

Let us make you a winner – no matter which side you are on.



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