Our success is directly correlated with our clients’ success.

We are dedicated to helping clients unlock their true potential, and deliver value beyond the norm for all stakeholders.


Our approach is unique and proven.

We were founded in 2016 and grow with our clients.In each case, we combine business development services with financial services.

Business development is about building a strong and ready to execute plan in place for ‘the next marathon’. This is irrespective of whether the scope is an IPO-journey or an M&A transaction, which are the financial transactions that we offer.

We offer independent advice

Unlike CA’s, we are not linked to any listing venue
or country.

We deliver best practice

We read and repeat successful behaviour, especially from
the Swedish market.

We win when you win

Our incentives are highly success based and aligned with yours.

We understand your business

We are business developers by heart and have built
many businesses.

We have a market leading track record

We know what works and have created best-in-class
return on invested capital.

We always engage with along-term view

It’s about building tangible and sustainable value,
not just packaging.


With a unique blend of expertise and a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations. Click on a business card to learn more about each member.