The Gemstone Capital team is highly experienced. We are pursuing ambitious goals along with our clients and represent a fresh approach to creation of long term value. But as a team, we are not just about us and what we do. Our guiding principle is to be agile and able to create project-teams that best match the needs of individual clients.
This translates into the smallest possible core team of partners and employed resources – and an always current and available pool of great stand-by resources, ready to be engaged case by case as and where required.
In other words: We are just as much about who we know and how we are able to involve and engage experts, specialists, investors, etc. as needed in each of our client projects.




Søren Jonas Bruun

Managing Partner
Phone: +45 40561109
SkypeID: sorenjonasbruun


Peter Max

CEO and Partner
Phone: +45 24242600
SkypeID: peter.max5

+ strong network of experts and executives that engage on case-by case basis