Alexander Landorph

Junior Analyst

“I thrive on getting the absolute most out of every opportunity and not letting anything slip through the cracks. I love finding new and smarter ways to work and always feeling like I am on top of everything”

Alexander is a Junior Analyst at Gemstone Capital and a law student at Lund university, one of the top ranked law schools in Europe. Two years prior to his law studies, Alexander started working at Lindahl, one of the biggest lawfirms in Sweden focusing on both international and national transactions. When moving on from Lindahl last year, Alexander choose to further explore the world of private investing, especially in the Nordic small and microcap markets, starting already in his years in upper secondary school. Consequently, Alexander has an understanding of many different transactions from IPOs to M&A in both a private and corporate setting.

Growing up with Danish parents in the United States allowed Alexander to become bilingual from an early age. Alexander moved to Sweden some years ago and is now completely fluent in Swedish as well. Knowing the languages and understanding both private and business cultures in the regions makes the Nordic borders much easier to maneuver across.

Alexander Lives in Lund, a hotspot for tech startups and only a short commute from Copenhagen, Malmö and Helsingborg.