Dennis Dencher

Senior Advisor

“I’m an international senior executive from the Life Science Industry, and I am very passionate about developing and supporting businesses, who’s purpose is to help patients and customers to live better lives!”
Dennis is a strong strategic leader with extensive life science experience in managing full P&Ls, working capital & cashflow, leading highly specialized & multi-cultural teams & commercial operations across several markets & cultures. He holds 20+ years strategic leadership experience. Dennis has an unbroken track record of delivering strategic growth & turnarounds in highly competitive, complex & regulated markets.

Currently, Dennis is working as CEO and Co-founder of Evolution Pharma Group. From 2015 to August 2019, he was CEO with full P&L, working capital & cashflow responsibility for Europe Russia CIS at Aspen Pharmacare. This business held an annual net sales of EUR 650+ mill. and was operated by a team of 700+ people, across 44 countries. Prior to Aspen Pharmacare, Dennis held several positions at LEO Pharma as Executive Director and Managing Director in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and at HQ in Denmark.

Dennis has an extensive and broad therapeutic experience; E.g. Dermatology, Thrombosis, Anesthesia, Women’s Health & Oncology. Solid experience with Patient & Health Care Professional services, Launch of Innovative Products, DTC campaigns of OTCs. Commercialization & Strategic Growth of Branded Generics, Rx and OTC in Secondary & Primary Care.

Dennis and his family have lived 7 years in Finland (3) and the UK (4) and are now, since 2012, based north of Copenhagen